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My Life Purpose

A short chapter… in a strange book, captures the purpose of my life in the death throws of the Old World: Direct every thought, every discipline, every effort toward the overthrow of the parasitical-elite class — toward the eradication of every livelihood that harms the value producers, the economy, and society. – A Single Credo for […]


Interview Library

We’re just getting started here. Survival2020 will publish video interviews on topics related to mind, body, spirit, lifestyle and planet for the  global awakened. To apply for interview, contact us. To receive notice of newly published interviews, make sure you’re on the update list. See the registration form on this page.


Success-Matrix Update

Old blog posts are now no longer posting as new The separate brain files for Global Awakening and Systems Thinking have now been merged with the ever-expanding main Success-Matrix Brain File. Free subscribers and paid members will now receive an email update for each new item added to the site, with some of them containing […]


My products for organized living are incomplete!

My vision for the growth of organized living and how to balance your lifestyle I want you to do this, and I promise to make it worth your while… You want success. You want it in whatever form is personal to you. Everyone wants their own vision and version of success. And I know the […]


Re-Incarnation of Survival 2020

We’re back online. The world has changed and future timeline possibilities are becoming clearer. will be an interview platform for the Global Awakening. Stay tuned. Here’s a test podcast file during set-up. A list of upcoming interviews will be published soon. Get on the email update list and subscribe to the podcast feed to […]


January 2012 Message

Several topics, take your pic: What 20 months of travel teaches you My Friends, Contacts and Website Readers “Your Wish Is Your Command” Poetry Recitals and Life in London Value Creation through Business Is 2012 the end of the world? What 20 months of travel teaches you… Nothing. You see, it’s possible to visit a […]


Why I developed the Life Direction Clarifier

Here’s why I developed the workshops: Age 15 I thought… “When I grow up, I’m going to be a Business Man… No wait, a Lawyer… no a racing car driver! – Yeh!” I went through quite a few occupational fantasies when younger, and I’m sure you can relate to that. At 18 I found myself […]


Test audio post

For the longest time I’ve wanted to have an audio (podcast) type component for the website. Now I have have a nice set-up for doing short audio podcasts that get published on the site moments after I record my little ‘rant from the road’ using my iPad. Here’s my 2 second test podcast… [powerpress url=”″]


Have it your way (big site changes)

On the homepage you will see a major change.

There is more to you than work, business, and marketing.

There’s more to me too…

I’m going to share with you a lot of what I have been doing on other websites, covering 4 key areas of ‘personal adventure’ that lends itself to a ‘work life balance’.

What’s more, I’ll soon be traveling. And I’m taking you with me.

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