The Flower of Being

A Practical Life Compass For Your Transformative Life Journey And Authentic Expression Of Self

The 7 Petals of the Flower of Being provide a holistic life management system the world has sought for 10,000 years -- now finally available by uniting analog nature with digital technology to a system that is sublimely simple yet mightily comprehensive. Explore. Dream. Discover. 

Your Future Life Of Bliss… Guaranteed

Are you ready for bliss? 

Not in some etheric realm of fanciful quantum vibration. 

But right down here on blue, brown and green Mother Earth. 

Struggles be dammed. There’s a new sheriff in town. It’s name is Singularity. 

A singular clean-sweep of your limitations, hurdles, and dragons that have held you back… all of us back… until today. 

It has been known by many names: Spiritual Transcendence. Cultural Paradigm Shift. Technological Revolution. 

A fusion is occurring through cutting-edge anthropology (study of mankind), and scientific backing of ancient spiritual doctrine. 

We are transcendent. We are energy based. We are gods of our realm. We are destined for greatness. We are beings of light. We are builders of the world.

Everything that you seek for the world is rising. All of your most preciously held beliefs, values, and ideals will be realized over the coming few decades. 

That sheriff, Singularity, is dreaming dreams of reality no mortal has conceived before.  

War? Gone. Poverty? No more. Pollution? Not a thing. Taxes? No longer needed. Career politicians? Laughed out of existence… 

Imagine a health industry that treats the underlying aging process. No more chronic diseases. 

Imagine career paths perfectly aligned to your deepest life values and personal mission for healing, growing, learning and becoming your highest expression of your powerful Self. 

What would you do, have and become in that perfectly supportive world? 

A world where paying bills is a sincere pleasure… because you value what you receive in return… and money is never, ever an issue. The costs-of-living reduces to insignificance as the standard-of-life goes up, and up and up because of ‘super rapidly advancing new technologies’ made possible by Singularity. 

Think of singularity as the moment when everything in your life and our world comes together in perfect synergy, harmony and freedom. 

Your options, direction, environment, and priorities become so streamlined, pure and comfortable that harmony of mind, body and spirit truly fills your life experience. 

Geniuses of society service your many needs, interests, and proclivities. You feel deep synergy with literally everyone around you. From your home-life to your community, to the world at large — literally everything is flying in formation. 

Now you can commit to your greatest journey of creating the perfect vision of contribution that fulfills you. Your dream career 100x better than you ever felt before. Because there’s no stress except that which you control. There’s no urgency, except that which you choose. There’s no necessity except that which you invite. 

Your belly holds the seat of your inner power, courageous and clear in your direction. 

Your heart floods with passion and compassion to steer your contribution. 

Your head is playful as you experience alternating moments of blissful presence and absorbed creative flow.  

You are ready to give your gift. To literally be your gift to the world. And the world joyfully returns the favor. 

This is the result of understanding and applying the Flower of Being. 

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